Our team

  • Josh Mylne, lab head
  • Amy James, PhD student
  • Maxime Corral, PhD student
  • Mark Fisher, PhD student
  • Joel Haywood, Post-doc
  • Jingjing Zhang, PhD student
  • Sam Nonis, PhD student
  • Luca Stehl, MSc student
  • Kat Ignasiak, Post-doc
  • Kirill Sukhoverkov, PhD student
  • Michael Wallace, joint Honours

Alumni News

Maxime Corral
2017-December: Just before he handed his thesis in for examination, PhD student (2014-2017) Max was offered a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship with CSIRO to work with Dr Jonathan Anderson in Floreat, Perth where he will develop novel technologies to control crop diseases. His job starts January 2018.
Bastian Franke
2017-April: Not long after handing in his thesis, joint PhD student (2014-2017) Bastian was offered a 3-year post-doctoral position in NMR structural biology with Stephan Grzesiek at the Biozentrum at the University of Basel in Switzerland. He started his new job in May 2017.
Benjamin Pouvreau
2016-July: Just before he handed his thesis in, PhD student (2013-2016) Benjamin was offered a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship with CSIRO in Canberra where he will work with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists examining canola oil biosynthesis. He took up the position in late July.
Kalia Bernath-Levin
2015-March: After ~2 years in our lab, Kalia secured a 5-year, senior post-doctoral position with ARC Laureate Fellow Prof. Ian Small in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology where she is working in the area of synthetic biology and PPR proteins.
Alysha Elliott
2013-January: Straight from her PhD (2009-2013) Alysha started a position as a post-doctoral project manager with NHMRC Australia Fellow Professor Matt Cooper optimising an antibacterial screening pipeline for the Centre for Drug Discovery and Design.
Aurelie Chanson
2012-November: A previous senior research assistant (2010-2012) Aurelie has secured a position as a Research Project Officer with CSIRO Plant Industry in Brisbane where she will work on molecular-plant pathogen interactions in cereals.
Joseph O'Neill
2012-January: For our undergraduate IMB summer (2011/2012) scholar, the summer 'holiday' is over and Joseph is going back to uni classes to complete his BSc degree.
Christina Delay
2011-November: A past honours student (2011), Christina is off to Canberra to start a PhD at the Australian National University in plant molecular biology.
Archived Alumni News

Join Us!

We are growing our strength in plant molecular biology and biochemistry and are seeking motivated and talented people to join us.

PhD stipends may be made available to outstanding international applicants. Enquiries with CV from students are welcome anytime by e-mail to Josh Mylne. See the Positions available section for posts we are currently recruiting to fill. Post-docs can also consider seeking their own short-term funding for working visits, or for longer periods could consult with us about supporting fellowship applications. Many such mechanisms exist and some useful links are available under the heading 'Funding bodies and schemes' within the Contacts page.

Jingjing Zhang

PhD student
Jingjing obtained her MSc. in biophysics from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and has worked as a bioinfroimatician for Beijing Genomic Institute. She is working to uncover the biodegradation pathways that can counterbalance an enzymatically inefficient biosynthesis.

Amy James

PhD student
Amy obtained her Masters degree at the University of Victoria in Canada on the tannin biosynthesis pathway in poplar. She will work on an interesting case of structural and functional convergent evolution by a protein motif. She'll employ bioinformatics, gene cloning, proteomics and recombineering.

Joel Haywood

DECRA Fellow
Joel did his undergraduate and a 3-year industry stint in the UK before a PhD on leukocyte receptor structure at the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing. He will be working on a range of protein projects where we seek to bring a structural understanding of biosynthesis and bioactivities.

Mark Fisher

PhD student
Mark has a BSc and first class honours in genetics from UWA where he studied the structure of RNA binding proteins. He will blend his long experience in the IT industry with molecular biology to examine the importance of hijacking as a mechanism for de novo protein evolution.

Maxime Corral

PhD student
Max earned his Masters degree in plant biotechnology from the University of Otago (New Zealand) where he worked on the response of clover to white clover mosaic virus. He is trying to ascertain whether he can use Arabidopsis forward genetics to study some important human drugs.

Josh Mylne

Lab head
Josh has a PhD (2002) in plant genetic engineering from UQ, did a 4-year post doc in Arabidopsis molecular genetics and epigenetics at the John Innes Centre (UK) before a 7-year fellowship stint with peptide chemists at the IMB, UQ. He currently yearns to get into the lab for more than just RNA extractions.

Kirill Sukhoverkov

PhD student
Hailing from Moscow in Russia, Kirill has a strong background in enzymology and protein modifications. He helped train Russian Chemistry Student Olympiad teams and will work on finding novel herbicides as well as determine and characterise their target proteins.

Samuel Nonis

PhD student
Sam is from Singapore, but did a UWA undergraduate degree followed by an Honours degree in genetic engineering and epigenomics with Prof. Ryan Lister. Facinated by the origins of life, Sam has skills from A-Star in directed evolution that he will apply to enzymes involved in the evolutionary birth of proteins.

Luca Stehl

Masters student
Luca is an exchange student from Freiburg University in Germany, working towards his Masters degree in Plant Biology. He has come to UWA to learn techniques in recombinant plant protein production and will be working to crystallize proteins that are potential new herbicide targets.

Kat Ignasiak

Visiting Post-doc
Kat obtained her PhD from the John Innes Centre with Prof. Tony Maxwell working on antibiotics and their effect on insect gut flora. A recent arrival in Perth, while she settles in WA Kat has jumped in to help on chemical biology projects in herbicide discovery and another on enzyme catalysis.

Michael Wallace

PhD student
Michael did his BSc in chemistry at UWA and is jointly supervised with Assoc. Prof. Keith Stubbs. Michael is working with a potentially new class of herbicide and, by synthetic organic chemistry, is creating analogs to find ones that make better herbicides by testing the analogs in Arabidopsis and other systems.

How about you?

Prospective Students & Fellows
Enquiries with CV are welcome anytime by e-mail. See Positions available section for posts we are currently recruiting to fill. Post-docs can also consider seeking their own short-term funding for working visits, or for longer periods could consult with us about supporting fellowship applications.