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Mylne publications

On this page you will find links to articles written for Popular Media (below), six recent highlights (top, right) as well as a complete list of publications. Many are linked to the PubMed or the publishing house via the DOI. For difficult to access articles, a link to a PDF is included instead.

For an up-to-date list of publications and their citations go to Josh Mylne's ResearcherID page.


Nat. Prod. Rep., February 2018

Franke et al. "Buried treasure: biosynthesis, structures and applications of cyclic peptides hidden in seed storage albumins" Art by Johan Rosengren

J. Biol. Chem., 28 July 2017

Franke et al. "Two proteins for the price of one: structural studies of the dual-destiny Preproalbumin with Sunflower Trypsin Inhibitor-1" Image by Roman Eder, Art by Johan Rosengren

Plant Cell, March 2017

James et al. "Evidence for ancient origins of Bowman-Birk Inhibitors from Selaginella moellendorffii" Artwork by Scot Nicholls, Domokun Design

Org. Biomol. Chem., 28 May 2015

Gandy et al. "An interactive database to explore herbicide physicochemical properties" Artwork by Maxime Corral

Chem. Biol., 21 May 2015

Bernath-Levin et al. "Peptide macrocyclization by a bifunctional endoprotease" Artwork by Scot Nicholls, Domokun Design

Plant Cell, March 2014

Elliott et al. "Evolutionary origins of a bioactive peptide buried within preproalbumin" Artwork by Scot Nicholls, Domokun Design

Aust. Sci., May 2014

Mylne "Genes that cuddle when it's cold". Artwork by Aust. Sci.

Funct. Plant Biol., 2014

Mylne, Hara-Nishimura & Rosengren "Seed storage albumins: biosynthesis, trafficking and structures". Artwork by J. Mylne

Protein hijack

Nature Chem. Biol., May 2011
"Albumins and their processing machinery are hijacked for cyclic peptides in sunflower" PubMed
Reveals how ultrastable peptide rings that interest drug designers surprisingly emerge from within unusual bifunctional seed storage albumins using the very same protease that usually matures just the albumin.

TIPTOP proteins

Plant Cell, July 2012
"Cyclic peptides arising by evolutionary parallelism via asparaginyl-endopeptidase mediated biosynthesis" PubMed
Diverse cyclic peptides repeatedly arise from different precursors after genetic innovations that enable them to use the same biosynthetic machinery - in short an interesting case of biosynthetic parallelism.

Buried treasure

Plant Cell, March 2014
"Evolutionary origins of a bioactive peptide buried within preproalbumin" PubMed
By tracing the evolutionary history of a buried seed peptide from Asteraceae (daisies) it retrodicts the biochemical events that allowed its de novo evolution and draws attention to a remarkable case of convergent protein evolution.

Crystal chills

J. Biol. Chem., Jan 2013
"The Arabidopsis B3 domain protein VERNALIZATION1 is involved in processes essential for development with structural and mutational studies revealing its DNA binding surface" PubMed
The crystal structure of VRN1 and in vivo studies with it using dominant suppressor tagging.

Cut & glue

Chem. Biol., May 2015
"Peptide macrocyclization by a bifunctional endoprotease" PubMed
An article in which we reconsitute the biosysnthesis of a peptide macrocycle from sunflower seeds both in situ and in vitro, showing how a bond-breaking enzyme can also act as a bond-maker.

Moving genes

Genes Dev., Sep 2013
"Physical clustering of FLC alleles during Polycomb-mediated epigenetic silencing in vernalization" PubMed
A new transgene system that monitored the sub-nuclear position of the epigenetically regulated FLC gene to reveal how its alleles clustered stably upon silencing.

Mylne research publications

Following is a complete list of publications in reverse chronological order.

Corral, Haywood, Stehl, Stubbs, Murcha, Mylne* (2018) Targeting plant DIHYDROFOLATE REDUCTASE with antifolates and mechanisms for genetic resistance. Plant Journal on-line: 7 June 2018. PubMed, Publisher.

Fisher, Zhang, Taylor, Howard, Berkowitz, Debowski, Behsaz, Whelan, Pevzner, Mylne (2018) A family of small, cyclic peptides buried in preproalbumin since the Eocene epoch Plant Direct 2: e00042. Publisher.

Haywood, Schmidberger, James, Nonis, Sukhoverkov, Elias, Bond, Mylne (2018) Structural basis of ribosomal peptide macrocyclization in plants. eLife 7: e32955. PubMed, Publisher.

Corral, Leroux, Tresch, Newton, Stubbs*, Mylne* (2018) A herbicide structure-activity analysis of the antimalarial lead compound MMV007978 against Arabidopsis thaliana. Pest Manag. Sci. 77: 1558-1563. PubMed, Publisher.

Franke, Mylne, Rosengren (2018) Buried treasure: biosynthesis, structures and applications of cyclic peptides hidden in seed storage albumins. Nat. Prod. Rep. 35: 137-146. PubMed, Publisher.

Wallace, Waraich, Debowski, Corral, Maxwell, Mylne*, Stubbs* (2018) Developing ciprofloxacin analogues against plant DNA gyrase: A novel herbicide mode of action. Chem. Commun. 54: 1869-1872. PubMed, Publisher.

James, Haywood, Mylne (2018) Macrocyclization by asparaginyl endopeptidases. New Phytologist 218: 923-928. PubMed, Publisher.

Corral, Leroux, Tresch, Newton, Stubbs*, Mylne* (2017) Exploiting the evolutionary relationship between malarial parasites and plants to develop new herbicides. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 56: 9881-9885. PubMed, Publisher.

Franke, James, Mobli, Colgrave, Mylne, Rosengren (2017) Two proteins for the price of one: structural studies of the dual-destiny Preproalbumin with Sunflower Trypsin Inhibitor-1. J. Biol. Chem. 292: 12398-12411. PubMed, Publisher.

Corral, Leroux, Stubbs, Mylne (2017) Herbicidal properties of antimalarial drugs Scientific Reports 7: 45871. PubMed, Publisher.

Jayasena, Fisher, Panero, Secco, Bernath-Levin, Berkowitz, Taylor, Schilling, Whelan, Mylne (2017) Stepwise evolution of a buried inhibitor peptide over 45 million years. Molecular Biology and Evolution 34: 1505-1516. PubMed, Publisher.

James, Jayasena, Zhang, Berkowitz, Secco, Knott, Whelan, Bond, Mylne (2017) Evidence for ancient origins of Bowman-Birk inhibitors from Selaginella moellendorffii. Plant Cell 29: 461-473. PubMed, Publisher.

Grage, Sani, Cheneval, Henriques, Schalck, Heinzmann, Mylne, Mykhailiuk, Afonin, Komarov, Separovic, Craik, Ulrich (2017) Orientation and location of the cyclotide kalata B1 in phospholipid bilayers revealed by solid-state NMR. Biophysical Journal 112: 630-642. PubMed, Publisher.

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Evans-Roberts, Mitchenall, Wall, Leroux, Mylne, Maxwell (2016) DNA gyrase is the target for the quinolone drug ciprofloxacin in Arabidopsis thaliana. J. Biol. Chem. 291: 3136-3144. PubMed, Publisher.

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Elliott, Delay, Liu, Phua, Rosengren, Benfield, Panero, Colgrave, Jayasena, Dunse, Anderson, Schilling, Ortiz-Barrientos, Craik, Mylne (2014) Evolutionary origins of a bioactive peptide buried within preproalbumin. Plant Cell 26: 981-995. PubMed, Publisher.

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King, Chanson, McCallum, Ohme-Takagi, Byriel, Hill, Martin, Mylne (2013) The Arabidopsis B3 domain protein VERNALIZATION1 is involved in processes essential for development with structural and mutational studies revealing its DNA binding surface. J. Biol. Chem. 288: 3198–3207. PubMed, Publisher.

Mylne, Chan, Chanson, Daly, Schaefer, Bailey, Nguyencong, Cascales, Craik (2012) Cyclic peptides arising by evolutionary parallelism via asparaginyl-endopeptidase mediated biosynthesis. Plant Cell 24: 2765-2778. PubMed, Publisher.

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